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At its core, community-engaged research is a collaborative approach that emphasizes the equitable involvement of community members stakeholders and academics in the research process. The Equity Center’s commitment to this approach ensures that research projects are relevant, impactful and reflective of the needs and priorities of the communities that we serve.

Led by a team of dedicated scholars and practitioners, the Equity Center at UVA works to integrate theory and practice through community engaged research. The center not only conduct research projects with a focus on social justice and equity but also, actively works to build strong and sustainable relationships with local communities and organizations. By adopting an asset-based approach, the center aims to identify and build upon the strengths and resources with communities, thereby avoiding the deficit-based thinking often associated with research institutions. This collaborative approach creates a reciprocal learning process where community members and researchers exchange knowledge, fostering mutual growth and empowerment. As a result, the Equity Center's community-engaged research not only produces valuable insights and solutions but also contributes to the long-term capacity-building of the communities it serves.

Residents for Respectful Research

Preventing research projects from exploiting low-wealth residents and ensuring that the research conducted is beneficial to the community.

Community Fellows-in-Residence Program

The Community Fellows-in-Residence program is a short-term professional development opportunity to give individuals outside of UVA access to the resources of the university, and to share their knowledge and talents with the UVA community.