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The Starr Hill Pathways Program provides the social, technical, and research infrastructure to redress educational inequities that persist in the Charlottesville-Albemarle region. 

Starting in 7th grade, Starr Hill Pathways will create a system of support for local youth from historically marginalized communities, while building a pathway for admission to the University of Virginia or the college and career that best meets their needs. This partnership between UVA, Albemarle County and Charlottesville City public schools, and numerous community-based organizations will improve student outcomes and mitigate opportunity gaps ensuring that local youth are academically prepared for post-secondary education, are thriving socially and emotionally, and have access to a wide variety of enrichment opportunities and support networks. SHP will refine a model for university-community collaborations that benefit students nationwide.


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Starr Hill Pathways scholars are provided free tutoring, including in their first language.

Community Partnerships

Starr Hill Pathways is committed to ensuring our Charlottesville Area based youth engage with professionals who live and work in the same community where they live and attend school.

Research and Program Evaluation

Starr Hill Pathways programming is enhanced by a backbone of evidence based educational interventions, studied for impact by our research team.