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The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $5 million to an interdisciplinary team working on a project to build community capacity in rural coastal Virginia for enhanced climate adaptation and resilience. The project is led by EI Director Karen McGlathery, and brings together faculty from The Equity Center, the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, UVA’s Biocomplexity Institute, Institute for Engagement and Negotiation, William and Mary’s Coastal Policy Center, and Old Dominion University’s Resilience Collaborative.

This grant, titled "Eastern Shore of Virginia Climate Equity Project," addresses inequity and information gaps to improve climate adaptation and resilience. It brings together scholars and community members who are co-producing an open-source data and visualization platform, a Climate Equity Atlas, to enable sustained collaboration, and support equitable decision-making and solution adoption on risks of flooding and saltwater intrusion.


Equitable Analysis

Equitable Analysis centers community-driven partnership to provide advocates as well as civic-and private-sector leaders with data and metrics, contextualized analysis, interactive maps and data visualizations, and narrative storytelling.