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A headshot of Deric Childress Jr.

Deric Childress, Jr.

Operations Program Manager

Deric received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the UVa College of Arts and Sciences this past May. Previously, he has worked as an intern for the Attorney General’s Office of Washington D.C. where he worked on a team to properly rehabilitate juvenile offenders after conviction. During his time at the University of Virginia, he also worked as an intern in Student Affairs for quite some time. In this role he assisted First Generation College students to properly get acclimated to the University as a first gen student. He also held the position as the President of the Black Student Alliance where he worked to create more spaces of welcomeness for Black students across grounds. Deric was born and raised in Houston, Tx, where he has served on the Mayors Task force on Policing as an undergraduate representative, and as a Youth Community Coordinator for the Houston Police Department to ultimately make Houston a better place for marginalized communities. Here at the Equity Center, Deric works with team on various projects to uphold the mission and vision of the Equity Center.