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Local schools have identified a significant number of English Language Learners who are currently failing a class due in part to the nature of virtual schooling and the inability to provide students with the necessary linguistic support needed to access the curriculum. In addition, there are a number of BIPOC students who are falling behind in their core classes as a result of a shortage of personalized instruction as well as the existence of equity and inclusion gaps within their educational systems.

The local school districts have reached out to Starr Hill Pathways for assistance in supporting emergent bilingual youth and underserved students—particularly in the secondary content areas (e.g., language arts, math, science, etc.). The Starr Hill Pathways Tutoring Program aims to provide emergent bilinguals and other students who need academic support with linguistic and instructional support allowing the content to be easily accessible. 

We provide an academic tutoring program to students within our local community that is convenient, enriching, and rewarding. In partnership with undergraduate students from the University of Virginia, our mission is to empower our students to achieve their educational goals by ensuring that learning is inclusive and transformative for everyone.

Highlights of the tutoring program
  • Annual training is conducted for our tutors 
  • Multilingual tutoring is provided for our ESL students
  • Tutoring sessions are offered in-person and online during the school day or in the evenings 
  • After school tutoring is available with limited transportation
  • Parents can refer their child for tutoring throughout the year
  • Students are eligible for reward incentives for their active participation in tutoring
Starr Bucks Rewards

Starr Bucks Rewards is our incentive program to encourage students to actively engage in tutoring. We believe that they will be more involved in tutoring and motivated to improve academically when they are rewarded for their consistency, hard work and perseverance. Students are recommended for tutoring when any of their core subject grades fall below a “C”.

Starr Bucks can be earned when students successfully complete up to three (3) categories of incentives:

  1. Acceptable Attendance – Students are eligible for $20 in Starr Bucks if they attend at least 70% of all of their scheduled tutoring sessions.
  2. Participation in SHP Programming – Students are eligible for $30 in Starr Bucks for each Starr Hill programming day they attend  each semester (up to 3).
  3. Improvement of Grades – Students are eligible for $10 in Starr Bucks per grade (up to $50) for every grade that improves by the end of the semester (e.g. from a “D” to a “C”), or if they get all A’s and B’s.

This program provides students the benefit of earning up to $100 in Starr Bucks by the end of each semester that they can redeem from a selection of popular gift cards. This also teaches them the value of working hard and the advantages of saving towards a special goal. 

Our program motto is, “The more you learn, the more you earn…”.