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The Orange Dot Report 5.0 represents the continuation of our progress toward a more fully and equitable thriving region. Incorporating an updated description of the condition of families in our larger region, Orange Dot 5.0 marks the beginning of an annual update completed in partnership between Network2Work@PVCC and The Equity Center at the University of Virginia. 


Ridge Schuyler, Michele Claibourn, Lee LeBoeuf, Elizabeth Mitchell. October 2022. “Orange Dot Report 5.0: Family Self-Sufficiency in the Charlottesville Region.” Network2Work@PVCC, Piedmont Virginia Community College and The Equity Center, The UVA Karsh Institute of Democracy Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community-Engaged Scholarship.

Equitable Analysis

Equitable Analysis centers community-driven partnership to provide advocates as well as civic-and private-sector leaders with data and metrics, contextualized analysis, interactive maps and data visualizations, and narrative storytelling.