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COVID-19 Frontline Workers Charter

The Frontline Workers Fair Treatment Charter was developed as a collaboration between The Equity Center, Network2Work at Piedmont Virginia Community College, and the University of Virginia’s President’s Council which is comprised of Charlottesville community leaders. 
Research Summary

Orange Dot Report

The Orange Dot Report 5.0 represents the continuation of our progress toward a more fully and equitable thriving region.
Research Summary

Charlottesville's Frontline Workers

Adapting work by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, we used public use microdata to represent the frontline and essential workers based on categories of workers identified in collaboration with community partners and generated a local analysis for our region.

Focus Areas

Learn about the focus areas of the work of the Equity Center.

Equitable Analysis

Equitable Analysis centers community-driven partnership to provide advocates as well as civic-and private-sector leaders with data and metrics, contextualized analysis, interactive maps and data visualizations, and narrative storytelling.