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Transit Equity Study

In this study, we look beyond the data generally available to transportation planners and policymakers and seek out the causal factors behind the barriers to mobility faced by priority populations in the region. Our approach includes focus groups, mapping exercises, and stakeholder interviews in order to understand barriers to access as well as interconnected factors (e.g. housing affordability) that determine and affect daily life for residents across the region. We seek to better understand the region’s transportation needs according to the experiences of its users and planners, how current services are affecting and reaching underserved populations, and to identify actionable opportunities for improving access for all. Based on our findings, our recommendations include mobility strategies, equitable engagement practices, and people-first policies for the region.


Camille Burnett, Andrew Mondschein, and Barbara Brown Wilson, Transportation Equity and Accessibility in the Charlottesville Region Summary and Recommendations, The Equity Center, A UVA Democracy Initiative Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community-Engaged Scholarship, October 2020

Equitable Analysis

Equitable Analysis centers community-driven partnership to provide advocates as well as civic-and private-sector leaders with data and metrics, contextualized analysis, interactive maps and data visualizations, and narrative storytelling.